Man often sees what he wants to see. He perceives nature in such a way as he can understand it. This is the growing perception of the adult. The child does not know what the sun looks like, he can not look at it and and also not imagine what it looks like. One day it will find out from someone that the circle with the eyes and the mouth, and all that sorrounds it - the rods shows the rays like the hair.

The first I has the tender fanciful perception of nature in itself as one finds it in Novalis or in children. The second I has made the effort to find the adult, more practical perception in itself. When I paint landscapes I am always obliged to remind myself of the fact that these trees or this vastness will once turn into oceans of oil, in monetary mountains, in picturesque mountains of coal, uranium and other mineral resources. Therefore the trees of the mountain, the vastness in my paintings are stained by colours of success, luck, blossoming, hope for the future, in the colours of health, in the colours of a successful marriage, in the colours of the natural death which occures after a long life.